Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ethics: Suggestions, forms, and templates

The following ethics related information has helped my student in the past

(For Australian university conditions at UNE)

Make sure you differentiate between hard copy and electronic copies of your data is need be.

Registered list of common tests which can be referred to when submitting an HREC application if you are using any of these tests in projects you need only to mention the "Procedure or Test Number" and its "Risk Level". This can speed up your preparation and HREC processing.

Human ethics at UNE has the latest forms and information DO NOT GET CAUGHT WITH AN OUT-OF-DATE FORM.

Here are links to various files (docx). If there is a new form on the HREC website then please use it and copy and paste from the files below as appropriate. 

The process (at least for my students)

  1. Get all the forms and documents (e.g., information sheet, consent) together and write up your HREC application.
  2. Remember to remove the pages that need removing from the HREC form (e.g., first page).
  3. Remember to delete the 'blue' explanation text from the HREC form.
  4. Don't forget to tick E1 or E2 type application.
  5. Don't forget to tick the check list table.
  6. Insert your signature as a pictures into the cell next to your name in the signature table.
  7. Send the whole lot to me (and if relevant any other supervisors) as one Word document or separate Words documents.
  8. You will get the lot back with comments; note how to collaborate on a document.
  9. Once everything is looking good I send the application to Head of School (HoS) and from his/her office the application goes to ethics.
  10. Ethics then gets back to you and other supervisors with comments that we need to address.
  11. Once we have address all concerns by ethics we get the approval number. 
  12. Set to start data gathering.  

Common mistakes

  1. Project title is inconsistent across your different documents.
  2. You have forgotten to indicate if this is an E1 or E2 application (see the HREC main form).
  3. You have left comments and track changes in the documents to go to HREC. No track changes needed unless you are updating the from as per HREC conditions.
  4. You have not checked the checklist boxes on the HREC main form.
  5. Attachments are missing such as text for emails to be sent and ads to be posted.

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