Tuesday, October 22, 2013

EndNote and Author initials: APA style

When EndNote wants to add author initials to citations and you don't need them there

I have noticed that when students and colleges are using EndNote to handle citations in manuscripts that many of the citations have author initials in them. This problem is caused by EndNote as it is trying to differentiate between what it thinks are two different authors. EndNote thinks that there are two or more different authors as the same author has different initials such as “D. Kuss” on one article and “D. J. Kuss” on another. You should be able to fix this (eliminate the initials) by adjusting the EndNote settings.

1. Go to EndNote

2. Open your library (I really hope you know how to do that)

3. Edit -> Output styles -> Edit "your output style"

4. Under citations select Ambiguous citations 
4a. Untick "Include the author initials or full name in citation"
4b. Tick "Add more authors until citation is unique"
4c. Untick "Add the title for different works by the same author"
4d. Tick "Add a letter after the year" (2000a,2000b)

5. Again under citations select Author name
5a. First author: Jane Smith
5b. Other authors: John Doe
5c. Capitalization: as is
5d. Initials: Last Name Only
5e. Untick "Use initials only for primary authors with the same name"

Hopefully you can just save over the old output style. If you have to save the output style under a new name then you need to use this new output style. 

6. To select a new output style
6a. Edit -> Output styles -> Edit "your NEW output style" 

If the new output style is not listed do the following

6b. Edit -> Output styles -> Open Style Manger
Find your new style and tick the box next to it and then close the style manager (the red x in right hand corner) but make sure not to close EndNote (x in top right hand corner but further up). 

You should now be able to select your new style from the drop down menu or 
6c. Edit -> Output styles -> Edit "your NEW output style" 

You may also have to select this new style in Word under the EndNote tab.

I found instructions that cover parts of this at
if you want some visuals. 


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